Needle Felted Anatomical Heart (Human-Scale)

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It's a little curious, this life-sized organ made entirely of felt. But hey, Felted Curiosities is what we do!

This listing is for one HUMAN-SCALE anatomical heart (the last image shows all three options available in the "Felted Curiosities" section of my shop).


SIZE: Approximately 5-6"

The fist-sized heart is a vibrant crimson with dark berry colors, as well as bright red and blue veins, plus the aorta up top. Your heart will look very similar to the one shown in the photos, some coloration may vary. 

The heart is stylized and simplified, sculpted through a technique called needle felting to matte down dyed wool fiber until it turned into solid felt, and eventually a soft but solid mass. No sewing is involved, no glue, no hot water or knitting, just a specialized felting needle, wool roving, and lots of patience. 

Other felted organs are available: spleen, gallbladder, appendix, brain, lungs, uterus, tonsils, stomach, intenstines, etc. 

I've been honored to have my handmade hearts featured on Etsy Finds,, and part of an award winning ad campaign (Gyro Denver - 2013).