Felted Liver in Specimen Jar (Quirky Get Well Gift)

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It's little curious, these bits made entirely of felt. But hey, Felted Curiosities is what we do!

Liver Dimensions: 2"
Jar Dimensions: 5"

A tiny liver with googly eyes has been made out of wool fiber through the time intensive but always rewarding craft of needle felting. This is a great gift for that friend or loved one with an off beat sense of humor, especially if they just had surgery and need a little get well present! 

The liver is a deep shade of berry red/purple. This lonely little guy sits upright and stares longingly out of the specimen jar that's now its home. It can be removed from the jar, it's not permanently attached. 

In addition to the felted liver and the glass specimen jar with lid, you will also receive a sticker label to secure to the outside of the container, which makes this odd ball gift all the more personal. 

If you're shipping this gift directly to the recipient and would like me to fill out the label and attach it, I'm happy to do that for you. Please let me know in the notes section at checkout. 

On the label, you'll get to fill out things like:
- Type of Specimen
- Previous Owner
- Date Removed
- Years Together
- Message(s) from Specimen including: "We fought for you", "Please take me back", "I need to detox", "Get well soon, for my sake", "Have you seen my missing lobe?", "Where there's a liver there's a way", and "Liver and let live". You can also add your own message in the blank space at the bottom under "Other".

We do make other felted organs: heart, brain, stomach, lungs, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder, gallbladder, appendix, and uterus.