Custom Dangle Earrings - Children's Portrait

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ATTACH PHOTO(s) at checkout

*You must upload two files to checkout, but if you'd like to use the same reference photo for both earrings in the set, simply attach that same file twice. We will typically mirror or flip one of the portraits so that they're facing opposite directions*

SELECT METAL FINISH: see chart for options (silver, antique brass, shiny brass, aged copper or gunmetal)


CHOOSE PAINT COLOR: See chart for 30 standard color options

SIZE: 7/8" diameter

ABOUT THE EARRINGS: We will laser engrave the details of your silhouette(s) into hand painted wood, creating a tiny personalized memento for you or your loved one to wear everyday. The wooden cameos will be set into a round metal setting which have matching ear wire. You get to choose the paint and metal finish, so it's truly one of a kind! The portrait itself is the natural wood and there is no color choice for that, only the background color.

These are special keepsakes for celebrating a new addition to the family, Mother's Day, birthdays, etc.


- The photos you provide must be taken from a side angle view. Front-facing photos do not work well for silhouettes. 

- We can only fit one portrait per earring. If we scale it down any smaller (in order to fit multiple portraits), it's no longer recognizable. 

- We cannot engrave anything on the back of the earrings.

- We do not offer proofs prior to shipping.