BOOK: Needle Felted Plants (a DIY workbook)

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Learn to needle felted in this all-inclusive DIY workbook. If you've never needle felted before, start with the beginner level projects and work your way up. If you're a seasoned fiber artist, jump right in to the advanced projects! Each chapter contains step-by-step instructions on how to create each plant style out of wool fiber along with photos showing each step, PLUS each project has a QR code that takes you to a time-lapse process video. No matter what your learning style may be, you'll be felting cactus, flowers and other house plants in no time!

Following an introduction and overview on tools, techniques, and fiber, you'll find instruction on the various ways to needle felt plants. Then, it's onto the fun stuff! 8 Beginner level projects, 7 intermediate level projects, and 5 advanced. Plus, there's a bonus project at the very end that shows you how to make a very fancy-looking cactus garden using all the parts and pieces you've already learned in the earlier chapters. 


Project 1: Cactus - Divided Sphere

Project 2: Cactus - Mini Sphere Cluster

Project 3: Cactus - Stacked Spheres

Project 4: Cactus - Spotted Nub

Project 5: Cactus - Divided Nub

Project 6: Cactus - Nub Cluster

Project 7: Cactus - Sprigs

Project 8: Succulents - Chicks



Project 9: XL Nub

Project 10: Cactus - Mitt

Project 11: Cactus - Saguaro

Project 12: Cactus - Moon Cactus

Project 13: Succulent - Snake Plant

Project 14: Succulent - Aloe

Project 15: Fungus - Mushroom



Project 16: House Plant - Orchid

Project 17: House Plant - African Violets

Project 18: House Plant - Prayer Plant

Project 19: House Plant - Bonsai Tree

Project 20: House Plant - Venus Flytrap



Project 21: Large Cactus Garden Combo