Abstract Painted Pendant - Wear a Piece of My Studio!

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COLLECTION: Abstract Painted Pendants - Wear a piece of my studio! 

HOW THEY'RE MADE: Every year I change out the painting background in my studio. This cardboard surface becomes a piece of accidental art which is created over 12 months of layering brush strokes and splattering acrylic paint everywhere. After a year, I take the surface, seal it, and cut it up into sections to frame as pendants. No two are alike! Check out the process video on YouTube:

COLOR PREFERENCE: This little piece of abstract art has a year's worth of backstory to tell. Due to the random nature of this limited series, I'm not able to allow customers to choose exactly which part of the background they want in their pendant, but if you have a certain color you want included in the pendant, please choose a swatch from the options or feel free to write specifics in the notes at checkout and I will be more than happy to accommodate your request. If you have no preference or want the color and composition to be a surprise, just choose the "no preference" swatch! 

METAL FINISH: choose from 3 metal finishes (see chart)

SIZE / SHAPE: Rectangle (1" x 2")

CHAIN: 24"



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